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Commodity News

Gold slips on steady dollar with Fed rate hike in focus

The case for raising US interest rates has strengthened in recent months due to improvements in the labour market, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said on Friday.

Crude oil at 7-month high; racing towards US$ 50 a bbl

The global oil supply is expected to cut by nearly 4 million barrels per day this month. Data shows that US crude ...

Offsetting currency fluctuation risk! S&P BSE Gold Hedged Indices launched

The S&P BSE SENSEX Gold Hedge is calculated as a combination of a long S&P BSE SENSEX total return positio...

Natural gas extends win streak; oil futures bounce

Natural-gas futures score their ninth gain in 10 sessions, while oil prices recoup some of the previous session’s hefty losses.

Gold steady above 4-week lows as dollar slips ahead of Yellen speech

"Gold prices are in the sidelines, waiting for clues from Yellen's speech," said Helen Lau, an analyst with Argonaut Securities in Hong Kong.

Commodity Statistics

Top Gainers

Contract Last Chg
CARDAMOM-Nov 16 1,224.00 20
NICKELM-Oct 16 673.00 4
NICKELM-Sep 16 666.20 3
COPPERM-Feb 17 322.00 1

Top Losers

Contract Last Chg
CRUDEOIL-Jan 17 3,387.00 -44
CRUDEOIL-Oct 16 3,219.00 -34
CRUDEOIL-Sep 16 3,162.00 -32
CRUDEOILM-Sep 16 3,162.00 -32

Active (Volume)

Contract Last Chg
CRUDEOILM-Sep 16 3,162.00 -32
CRUDEOIL-Sep 16 3,162.00 -32
SILVERMIC-Aug 16 43,715.00 -294
NATURAL GAS-Sep 16 196.30 -2

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